A realigned social studies curriculum is opening up the world to students.

Opening Up the World to StudentsIn Beaver Dam, the school district is working with curriculum revisions, ensuring that the studies are up to state and national standards. The district found overlaps with US History, but fewer world topics.  It became apparent that students needed to have more information about what is going on in the world.

The curriculum covers the Western Hemisphere, government, economics, and US History in sixth through eighth grades.  In ninth grade, students study the Eastern Hemisphere, and in tenth grade, they continue their study of US History.

“”It gives a good look at what else is in the world,” said Global studies teacher Pete Duesterbeck. In ninth grade, the countries of the Eastern Hemisphere are studied, focusing on the history and current culture and geogrpahy.  Students learn about political trends, religious beliefs, and family life.  Art and culture of the eastern countries are also studied.

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