A new project based elementary school brings innovation to the suburbs and opportunities for school choice.

Project Based Elementary School Brings Innovation to the SuburbsThe Mehlville School District may be giving children in the St. Louis area a chance in the next two years to attend a school with an alternative curriculum using real world problems helping students learn.

The proposed school would be a choice that parents would make, with no admission requirements.  If there are more applications than spaces available, the districts plans to hold a lottery.

In the city of St. Louis, choice schools and district magnets and independent charter schools offer education focused on science, engineering, technology, and math as well as language immersion. Admissions for these schools is competitive.  Having a choice school in the suburbs is a new opportunity.

The newly proposed “Choice School of Innovation” would be one of a kind for St. Louis County.  Children will learn at their own pace, using technology and various instruction methods.  Projects using critical thinking would be used to stimulate problem solving.  If a first grader is capable of reading on a fourth grade level, they will do so.

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