The results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll are in, and it looks like students favor Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Results of the Iowa Youth Straw Poll are InOver 280 schools in 80 counties participated in the poll, which encourages questions and research about presidential candidates.
Over 50,000 students participated in the statewide poll.  It was the largest turnout ever for balloting that is organized and tabulated by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate.

Students were allowed to vote in both the Republican and Democratic Straw Polls.

“I think it’s important that young people’s voices are heard and that we give them an early opportunity to participate in our elections,” said Pate.  He offered the straw poll as part of the “Caucus 101” curriculum his office developed.

The Straw Poll includes kindergarten through 12th grade.  In most schools, Trump and Sanders were the winners, but at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Marco Rubio was the top Republican vote getter, and Donald Trump came in third.

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