A signing bonus for new teachers in areas of critical shortage is being offered by the King William County Public Schools.  This unique approach has been approved by the school board, which is offering $1,500 signing bonuses for some teaching positions in areas and specialties that are hard to fill.  If teachers stay in those positions for over five years they could earn up to  $3,000 in bonuses.

Signing Bonus for New Teachers in Areas of Critical ShortageThe $1,500 bonus is expected to be offered for up to ten positions, and last year was offered for math and science positions. This year the “areas of critical shortage” are special education, physical education and foreign language instruction.

According to Tinya D. Ryland, King William Lead Director of Human Resources, three or four of those teaching positions are unfilled, and the county has not awarded any bonuses to candidates at the present time.

“The bonus is there just in case,” she said.

The plan is to pay $1,500 up front when the teachers are hired, and an additional $1,500 when the teacher completes five years on staff. If they taught five years at a previous school, they need to be on staff at King William for only one year before getting the second bonus. If a teacher resigns within two years of being hired, they will have to pay back all or part of the bonus.

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