Despite the cancellation of school for several days due to snow, students are finding out that snow days are still school days with online learning.

At Boone County West Virginia’s Sherman Elementary, students are enthusiastically making use of the online MobyMax program, which are based on the student’s ability and paced to award students points for completing assignments.

Snow Days are Still School Days with Online LearningAccording to Assistant Principal Jacob Messer, the number of students increased from 49 doing online assignments the first snow day to 123 four days later.

“You would not expect kids to want to work on their days off,” Messer said. “We should all be proud of the total team effort we’re getting right now.”

Schools are competing with each other.  The Comfort School in northern Boone asked elementary students to complete seven out of nine assignments on the MobyMax program. The assigmnets involved spending a certain number of minutes in specific subjects, taking at least 65 minutes to meet the daily goal of seven.

MobyMax came to Sherman after fourth grade teacher Rae Boyd saw it at a regional math field day event.

“It’s completely student based differentiated instruction,” Boyd said.

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