Standing desks help keep kids actively learning, and may provide an easy method for making their time in school less sedentary.  New research suggests that kids spend more time on their feet when standing desks are used, and thus more time moving.

Standing Desks Help Keep Kids Actively Learning“In schools, children spend over 50 percent of the school day sitting – traveling to school, during class, at lunch, sometimes during recess, traveling home after school, etc.,” said lead study author Karl Minges of the Yale School of Nursing in Connecticut.

“While one cannot easily reduce sitting time at lunch or during transportation, changing the classroom environment to be more conducive to standing seems like low-hanging fruit,” Minges added

Researchers focused on first through sixth grades that used standing desks.  Students were between 8 and 12 years old, and the studies ranged from 8 to 337 students.  Previous research has linked sedentary time to low self esteem and poor academics.

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