High school students are solving the problems brought by natural disasters through teamwork where they consider the various problems that confront scientists daily.

Students Are Solving the Problems Brought By Natural DisastersNinth graders from Cherry School have been researching what to do in order to have the best chance of surviving a natural disaster, such as an avalanche or a tornado.

“Each idea is original and unique,” said Rick Pierce, who teaches Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). “We’ve been looking at cutting-edge technology and how we can use it to solve some real-world problems.”

The small groups have been very effective at finding solutions, rather than have the students work together as a class, and their ideas have been surprisingly effective.

“They’re game changers,” Pierce said of the projects. “Once they’re finished, they’ll help people immensely in the future.”

Some of the solutions include designing a special suit that contains oxygen for surviving an avalanche, and special blowout doors to keep a house from exploding during a tornado.


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