Thanks to the compassion of a middle school teacher with an engineering background, it was possible to have students help a super kitty to walk.

Students Help a Super Kitty to WalkDuring a visit to a pet supply store, Cane Creek Middle School teacher Christopher Todd noticed a small cat hooked up to a tiny cart.  Clark the kitty is paralyzed and cannot use his back legs, so he uses the cart to help him move.

Todd knew that the cart could be improved, and decided to involve his students in the real world problem.

“What I’m trying to illustrate is engineering, science, technology, math, all of it, they solve problems for people, animals and the world,” Todd said. “This is what engineering is. It’s not just a bunch of hard numbers.”

Currently, Todd’s students are designing a better cart for the cat they have named Clark the Super Kitty. This involves figuring out what are the best materials, and solving the problem of keeping Clark’s tail from getting tangled in the wheels.


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