Young gardening and farming enthusiasts received a boost from technology, as now students in three states collaborate and share resources. Over 600 students in Califormia, Ohio, and Wisconsin participate in a collaborative project known as COW.  Teachers asked questions of students such as “How do people affect the land?” and “How does the land affect people?”  Students provided their own answers while sharing resources among those participating in the project.

Students in Three States Collaborate and Share Resources“I love gardening so I did an experiment on how fertilizer affects cilantro,” said 12 year old Sullivan Brown said. “I really enjoyed choosing my own thing to do. I liked the creativity of it.”

Sullivan documented his findings by taking a photo of the growing cilantro every 30 minutes during a few weeks.  He merged his photos into a time lapse video.

The questions posed by the teachers were answered by approximately 250 seventh grade students at his school, Roosevelt Middle School. They explored topics such as earthquakes, glaciers, and over-industrialization.

“When you allow students to think outside the box, it’s remarkable the things they come up with,” Elise Ochenduszko, principal of Roosevelt Middle School, said. “They exceeded all of our expectations.”

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