Middle school students are using bouncy bands during class, and the effect is improved focus.

Using Bouncy Bands During ClassAt Alexander Hamilton Academy in Paterson, the students in Kaitlyn Brock’s class have been using Bouncy Bands for several weeks. As she speaks about continents and hemispheres, teens bounce their feet off the bands, swinging their legs while their upper bodies remain still.

Brock has already noticed a difference in her social studies class.

“They seem to be more focused when they can move their feet at the same time and they’re not completely confined to their seats,” said Brock.  She is among a growing number of teachers who believe that allowing more movement improves focus.

Teachers no longer encourage kids to sit still.  They recognise the value of a bit of movement among restless students.

According to Barry Bachenheimer, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment for the Pascack Valley Regional High School District, it’s kinesthetic learning. 

“[It’s] the idea that when your body is in motion, you’re firing up endorphins, things are moving and instead of [you] sitting in a singular place the entire time,” said Bachenheimer. “If you’re sitting still for a long time, your brain doesn’t work.”

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