A new high school academy is preparing students for gaming industry careers.

Academy is Preparing Students for Gaming Industry CareersAt Gulf High Academy of Gaming, Simulation and Design in New Port Richey, Florida, the new school is the first of its kind in Pasco county, and is like many that are springing up across Florida and the nation. Assignments include creating environments for role playing video games using software, adding sound, and fulfilling tasks.

103 students are enrolled, many of whom have been immersed in technology from a young age. They understand video games, and gamig culture, as well as technology.  They may have outgrown their childhood games, but not the genre.  The entertainment Software Association estimates that the average age of today’s player is 35, and more than 150 million Americans play.

There are always new challenges, levels and games. This creates employment opportunities.

“We thought is was a great way to tie in information technology as well as programming while designing playable games,” said Terry Aunchman. “It’s more engaging when you’re learning a computer language and creating this game.” Aunchman is the director of career and technical education for Pasco County schools, and he helped design the academy.

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