In an effort to help students get along with each other and fight boredom, schools are searching for alternatives to traditional recess.

Alternatives to Traditional RecessAt Glendale Elementary School, an experiment with fourth and fifth graders is underway, giving students alternative activities to choose from at recess time. Monday is build day, where students have a chance to use Lego and K’nex blocks. Friday is craft day.

“We wanted to come up with a way to engage students where we could build positive relationships with them and (show them) how they could build relationships with each other,” said Sara Knueve, student services coordinator. “It’s fun. We chose high-interest areas,” hence crafts and building.

Along with the alternative activities, students were able to learn social behaviors as there are more adult mentors during these special days who model healthy relationships. In addition, there are fewer students on the playground during recess, making it easier for staff there to monitor them and keep a close eye on activities.

Students have the option to participate, but some are encouraged to participate more than others.

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