Students are getting an opportunity to be applying STEM skills in football at Super Bowl City.

Applying STEM Skills in FootballChevron sponsored the exhibit, where students spoke with a representative of the San Francisco 49ers and learned about some of the science behind football.  They had the opportunity to learn about how speed and velocity affect a pass, how the football got its shape, and they even operated a skycam in a pretend stadium.

“In school, we don’t do science and sports together, but here we do,” Aminah Jordan, 13, said. She and her classmates were trying on old football gear.

According to Matthew Van Dixon, the senior manager of museum education for the 49ers, the purpose of the exhibit is to share real world applications of STEM with the students.

“The point of this exhibit is to share with the public how STEM is connected to the world around us,” Van Dixon said. “There’s a lot of STEM in football.”

In addition, students learned how many decibels of noise are made by fans, how a stadium is engineered, and the amount of gallons of sweat produced by one football player.

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