Breakfast at school is popular and necessary for many students. At Woodland Intermediate School in Gurnee, fourth and fifth graders head to the cafeteria about a half hour before the start of classes to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast at School is Popular and Necessary for Many StudentsThey choose from a self serve lineup offering juice, milk, fruit cups, yogurt, and cereal bars.  At the cashier, they enter an ID code on a keypad, and the meal is deducted from their account.

Each breakfast costs 1.25.  If a student qualifies for free or reduced price lunch, they also qualify for breakfast.  The reduced price is 30 cents.

The district wide breakfast program began in Woodland District 50 this year, ensuring that when students do not eat breakfast at home, they can have it at school.

One girl said that breakfast helps her with classwork and staying full to lunch. “I get it on the days I don’t have time to eat at home,” she said.

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