The Blue Wave classroom diner serves breakfast and math skills, and fourth graders are having a great time with it at Inter-Lakes Elementary School.

Classroom Diner Serves Breakfast and Math SkillsHands on learning has come to fourth graders in a delicious way.  In Steve Watson’s class, students are cooking breakfast for others to make practical use of their math skills.

They’ve opened up a classroom diner and call it The Blue Wave Diner. They had family members visit one morning for breakfast.  They served omlettes, sausage, pancakes, and home fries.

“This is a year-long project that we are doing,” said Watson. “These are my math students, and earlier in the school year, we met and talked about different ways to work on math skills. This is different ways of learning fractions, adding and subtracting. These kids really wanted to try some cooking.”

How has the class diner helped with math skills?  Students have done the shopping, the measuring, the cooking, all together as a class.  They have switched tasks, working as a team.  According to Watson, the hands on learning is ongoing.

But the diner wasn’t just a one time thing. The class cooked breakfast for the school Veterans Day ceremony, serving pancakes to over 100 veterans and families.  They have also invited classes in and done seven breakfasts for different classes.

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