Community partnerships between schools and college education departments benefit students and future teachers.

Community PartnershipsWinona State University students are helping Winona Middle School sixth graders research future inventions. Its all part of a partnership between WSU education professor Mary Anderson and middle-school language arts teacher Lisa Palkowski.

Collaboration between universities and local schools is not uncommon. In this situation the relationship between teachers allows for easy flow of information and consistency for both sets of students.

Anderson and Palkowski see the relationship as a win win. The college students have real experience and the middle school students benefit from added attention and feedback. The two teachers are in contact almost daily.

“We’ve got a common understanding,” Anderson said.

“It’s not just the connection, but it’s the application and the reality of mixing the classroom at Winona State with the real classroom here that really leads to some nice connections that my kids I don’t think would get if they were all helter-skelter all over the place.”

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