A national cybersecurity skills competition motivates students to develop the life skill of keeping computers safe from hackers and is also encouraging them to take steps toward a rewarding career.

Cybersecurity Skills Competition Motivates StudentsFor years, students learned algebra as it is an academic subject important to understanding higher mathematics.  But now with the increased reliance on technology, Iowa schools are making programming just as important to education as algebra.

According to Pottawattamie County information technology supervisor and information security officer Anthony Kava, computer skills that involve cybersecurity are “practically a life skill.”

“We’re constantly connected to a global network that can be both helpful and dangerous,” he said. “We want to share certain information online, but we need to understand information security in order to keep our private data private.”

Kava has been sharing his perspective each week with students at Kirn Middle School who are participants in the Air Force Association CyberPatriot program.  This is a group for young people to learn how to keep computers secure in most environments.  The participants will be able to enter the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition.

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