At School Number 5 in Linden NJ, fifth graders who show responsible behavior inside and outside the classroom are awarded by being part of the ‘K-Kids’ group which organizes the Wee Deliver intra-school mail system.

Delivering the Mail and Learning Responsiblity“The Wee Deliver is a program the school made up so we could send letters to our classmates, and other people we don’t really see on a regular basis in the school,” said fifth grader Kristian Olivares. “We could send letters saying what we did over the weekend, or if we’re doing a good job in class.”

This program systemizes the time honored activity of passing notes in school, encouraging kids to right and maintain responsibility. Students are encouraged to keep in touch with siblings and with friends. Letters are placed in the large wooden mailbox in the school hallways, but students also write for monthly school-wide events as well. Most of these events are creative or have to do with curriculum subjects.

“The letter writing is cross curricular, so it ties into our literacy program writing, as well. For instance, the students have to write about a famous African-American to tie into Black History Month and social science,” said Roxy Suggs, the teacher who started the Wee Deliver program.

Suggs also had the students re-name hallways, as a means of encouragement and to make the addressing and delivery easier.

“All of the street names are based on our good character traits or a theme that we’re working with that ties into our student of the month. Themes like ‘do your best,’ ‘Friendship St.,’ ‘trustworthiness.’”

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