An elementary school genius bar is encouraging students to be tech enthusiasts and is patterned after Apple stores tech help centers.

Elementary School Genius BarFifth and sixth grade students enjoy spending much of their lunch hour in a classroom at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School working with robots, Chromebooks, iPads, and other technology. This group of tech enthusiasts also share their knowledge with younger students and teachers. They also enjoy BB8s – the droid robot from the new ‘Star Wars’ film.

They are not employees of Silicon Valley yet, but they enjoy the time they spend at the school genius bar.  “I like to find new websites to explore and find new things to learn,” said 12 year old Syd Cole. “It’s always fun when I’m there.”

Teacher Ken Newton started the extracurricular activity, which meets before school or at lunchtime.  He saw a similar activity at a conference, and believed it was right for his class.

“I’ve heard about something like this at high schools and some middle schools, but I never heard of it done at the elementary school level,” Newton said.

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