Students are now able to take field trips to Europe and Mars with Google Virtual Reality.  They don’t even have to leave their classrooms.  They can go anywhere!

Field Trips to Europe and Mars with Google Virtual RealityIn Harrison Township NJ, an eighth grade class stared at the floor of a tropical ocean, watching a shark glide by.  Shortly after, they were looking over the surface of Mars. Then, they took a detailed look at a rhinoceros beetle

At Clearview Regional Middle School, the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program was underway.  This is a free educational event offered by Google to select schools internationally.  Teachers used a smart phone app called Google Cardboard which uses cardboard goggles resembling the popular View-Master stereoscopic vision to transport students on virtual field trips.

This is not just 3-D photos.  Viewers have a panoramic viewpoint, and there are videos as well.  Viewers place their phone inside the goggles and use the app to display images.

There is no definite timeline for making Google Cardboard available for widespread and permanent use by schools.  Clearview is one of the select schools that obtained a special preview of a future classroom tool.

“In the library, they were standing up and bumping into tables,” said science teacher Peter Burgio.

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