Fifth graders are learning about money management, and they are using more adult words such as savings, checking, profit, loss, income, stocks, and employment in their discussions.

Fifth Graders are Learning About Money Management“I am learning a lot about money, especially how to manage it and how to save it,” student John Fussel said at Rudolph Matas Elementary School in Metairie. “I have also learned some things about investing money and the risk and returns on investments. I like math, so all of this has been interesting to me.”

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Youth Savings Pilot Program selected Fidelity Bank of Louisiana to participate as one of 12 banks across the country dedicated to showing young people how to save and manage money.  Matas was selected by Fidelity as a partner for the program.

“This is the first school in the New Orleans area to have a program like this through Fidelity,” said Robert Baer, vice president of innovation and product management for Fidelity. “We’ve covered a broad range of topics concerning money such as budgeting, savings, smart buying habits, charitable donations, how to use a debit card, how to manage a credit card and how to open a checking account.”

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