High school students gaining writing skills with a pen pal project may find that they also gain friends for life as well.

Gaining Writing Skills With a Pen Pal ProjectIn Manchester New Hampshire, teacher Jeff Record has paired with his longtime Seattle friend Melissa Bedard to create a pen pal project linking students in their classrooms.  Their own experiences caused them to believe in the longevity and power of pen pal experiences. 

When Bedard was a ninth grader, she was assigned a pen pal in England.

“Her name was Chris Jolley,” Bedard said, “and we’ve been writing ever since. My senior year, I went to France, and her parents brought her to Paris so I could meet her. That was 36 years ago. She’s Chris Kay now, a nurse, and married with two grown children. She lives in the south of London. We both turned 50 this year. We still write frequently, epic letters. I have a shoebox full.”

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