The practical use of math is becoming obvious to high school students incorporating geometry into construction.  At Glen Rose High School, there is actually a class called Geometry in Construction, dedicated to the practical application of geometry with hammer and nails and measurement.

High School Students Incorporating Geometry Into ConstructionMath teacher Jami Lovelady teaches the class along with welding teacher Randall Bozarth.  They teach students how to apply geometrical skills and theories to physical structures.  The students have the opportunity to learn geometry one day and work on construction the next day.

During the eight weeks of the course, the students were to construct two 4 by 8 foot sheds.  They first researched the designs on YouTube, and then came up with the design. They had to apply theorems of geometry to the shed construction at every stage.

“They see the actual use of the math,” Bozarth said. “There is no delay between learning in the classroom and applying the math to a skill.”

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