A partnership for promoting filling critical medical jobs with skilled professionals has resulted in a coalition to have hospitals and colleges team up for workforce development.

Hospitals and Colleges Team Up For Workforce DevelopmentIn Windham County, Vermont,  three hospitals and six area hospitals are creating a collaborative workforce development project to find qualified people to fill job openings.

The collaborative will connect current and future hospital employees with needed training.  If the training opportunities do not yet exist, the colleges will create them.

“The initiative between the six colleges is a fantastic idea,” said Chris Lackney, human resources director at Grace Cottage Hospital in Townshend. “When you put all the schools’ educational offerings together, the community will be able to meet the educational needs of all three hospitals as well as other health care facilities.”

The colleges have been working together on cross registration and internship programs.  The workforce development initiative is a logical step in continuing the existing direction of collaboration.

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