A school is finding a new way how to learn about nutrition with song and dance.  At Bennett Elementary School, kids enjoyed a live rock show with the purpose of teaching them about healthy food and activities such as sports, dance, and running.

How To Learn About Nutrition with Song and DanceThe program is called Jump with Jill, and is made possible by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan as art of their Milk Means More campaign.  Bennett is among 35 elementary schools in Michigan which have been chosen for the show.

The Milk Means More campaign forms partnerships with Michigan non profit organizations to provide nutritional information that is based on science to professionals in health fields, such as health educators and school nutrition directors.

“Not only is milk a high quality protein and nutrient source, it’s one of Michigan’s leading agricultural products, generating nearly 40,000 jobs,” said”Jump with Jill” star Laura Brown. “It’s so fun to sing about a food that is healthy for our bodies, our communities and our environment.”

The program is an entertaining way of presenting information that professionals and children need to know how to learn.

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