A Kindergarten class is finding out how to learn math from a cardboard race track.

How To Learn Math From a Cardboard Race TrackIn Carol Ward’s kindergarten classroom, the large cardboard race track takes up one third of the room.  “I love when people ask about the project because I am able to share with them the excitement the children had when creating the track,” said Ward.

The class built the track with toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, cardboard squares, and many tissue boxes. Ward had previously collected these, thinking The class would use them for 2D and 3D shape building.

Ward had searched YouTube for these activities and came up with a video of children naming shapes as they built a race track. She showed the video to her own class and it was enthusiastically received.

“The children loved the video and as I observed their enthusiasm, I asked if they all wanted to build a racetrack. Such a silly question. Of course they did!” 

Building the race track was an exercise in how to learn.

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