Kids can’t wait to create in their school’s new Project Lab, the centerpiece of project based learning curriculum.

Kids Can't Wait to Create in Their School's New Project LabAt Las Posas Elementary School, kids cannot wait to get started on their projects in the new Project Lab. “They’ve been walking by back and forth at lunch and peeking in,”said Principal Sue Sigler.

Each student from first through fifth grade will have the opportunity to use the new lab for learning and creating projects.

“We’ve woven it into our instructional curriculum, so every class will be using the lab at least once a week,” Sigler said.

The new lab is identical to makerspaces which opened at other campuses.   “The students will learn to solve problems through research, by exploring various solutions, building prototypes, learning through failure and finally culminating in a successful solution,” Sigler said.

When the lab opened, the students had an extra surprise. The grand opening was attended by district officials and a dozen apprentice Seabees from the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FOUR in Port Hueneme.

“We brought a few personnel here to help the students with their science project,” Seabees apprentice Joseph Rubino said. “We got a plumber over there, that guy’s a cook, he’s an Intel guy—it’s a mix of people. Our main goal is to give back to the community.”

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