A talented school librarian has coordinated a project to have kids join together to publish their books.  At Porter Elementary School, student authors know what it takes to write and illustrate a interesting story so it will be enjoyed by others.  Nearly all the students in grades 3-5 participated, and several of the classes in Kindergarten through second grade joined also.

Kids Join Together to Publish Their BooksSchool librarian Brenda Goins coordinated the school publishing project which is now in its seventh year.  Each year, the activity is more popular, and this year more students than ever published 146 books by the third through fifth graders.  The classes of kindergartners, first and second graders decided to publish a class book instead of individual student stories.

“The students have doubled the amount of time to work on the books this year,” Goins explained. Art teacher Tina Ford also collaborated on the project, assisting the young authors with their illustrations once the rough drafts were written. “The collaboration made the books even better than ever,” Goins said, “because they actually had some expert help with their illustrations.”

The published books are individually bound, and make great keepsakes for the students.  At the publishing party, they are displayed for all to see.

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