An effort to have math students sew blankets for a children’s hospital has resulted in great hands on understanding of angles and measurement, as well as an effective outreach to seriously ill children.

Math Students Sew Blankets For a Children's HospitalAt Heppner Senior High School, students in Troy Morgan’s math classes sewed blankets for children at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland.  The children take the blankets home when they leave the hospital.

Students learned to stitch together squares of fleece on three sides and then turn the blanket inside out and stitch the edges.  This was done during two “Mathathon” sewing classes.

Some students had to learn how to use the sewing machine.  Some had relied on their mothers for any sewing help previously.  But all were able to participate in the project, benefitting children in the community and learning a life skill in the process.

“Even people who had never seen a sewing machine were able to make a blanket and make a difference,” said senior Patrick Collins, who stopped into the sewing class before basketball practice.

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