A group of 80 plus fifth graders from Liberty Intermediate School are meeting Common Core standards with outdoor activities during the annual school three day trip to Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana.

Meeting Common Core Standards with Outdoor ActivitiesStudents learned how to survive a winter storm and make corn bread.  Over the three days of activities, more than 20 common core standards were met.

“This is a trip the students always look forward to,” said teacher Kellie Houser. “It’s been an educational rite of passage for our fifth-graders.”

The primary focus of the activities was on English, and the activities met 19 common core standards.  The students met one common core math standard when they measured ingredients for cornbread.  Students performed a skit, and learned how to build a fire and make shelter.

A favorite activity of the students was sledding down “The Black Hole” – a large pipe that ended next to a river.

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