A bill that calls for removing gifted students from special education protections is being considered in the Kansas Legislature.

Removing Gifted Students From Special EducationGifted education advocates fought a similar law last year, citing fears that it would do away with protections gifted students have, along with funding for gifted education. The current legislation being considered, House Bill 2630, would remove reference of gifted students from special education.

In Kansas, gifted children must receive services based on their needs, and teachers of the gifted must have specialized training and certification.  Approximately 14,000 Kansas student are identified as intellectually gifted.  They have been approved to receive special education services, as they completed a battery of assessments.

When gifted students are classified under special education, it entitles them to receive services that meet their diverse educational needs, and ensures that they are taught by teachers who have sufficient training and understanding of the needs of gifted learners.

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