Traditional school libraries are becoming technology rich literacy centers. This means that they are still essentially libraries, but with much more technological power.

School Libraries are Becoming Technology Rich Literacy CentersSanta Paula schools are converting their libraries to literacy centers, and the initial center is at Glen City School.

“It’s bigger,” said fourth grader Esmeralda Flores, 9. “There’s lots of books, and we’ve got new computers. And there’s couches and tables.”

The library has been built out of two former classrooms.  It features 16 computers, three large monitors, and tables that can be pushed together or separated.  Shelves of books still are alongside the tables.

“The monitors can stream videos, news media, anything world-affecting,” said Helen Davis, Glen City’s library assistant. “In the seating nooks, they can sit and do a project with their teacher or some silent reading. And they can use the computers to look up books.”

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