A School Market Day helps kids learn how to sell, and they have fun while learning math concepts, problem solving, and develop the skills of planning and designing booths, products, and business.

School Market Day Helps Kids Learn How To SellAt Pine Ridge Elementary, fourth grade students in Jen Becksvoort’s and Katie Boer’s classes enjoyed the lessons in salesmanship and marketing that they learned by selling their own hand created items to their peers.

Striped candles, glow in the dark periscopes, Oreo pops, penny necklaces, cotton candy and yo yos were some of the products the students made.  They had an opportunity to shop from each other’s booths before selling their items to everyone else.

The students kept track of how many items they sold, and keep track of their sales money and the money spent on purchases. They did this with tally marks for a sale, keeping track of prices.

The Market Day teaches fourth graders hands on economic ideas, and is an annual event. Students select products, and then design, produce, advertise, and sell it.

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