Seeds of revolution took hold during an afternoon activity where a historical re-enactment made it possible to have sixth graders live the American Revolution.

Sixth Graders Live the American RevolutionThe colonial kitchen  at the St. Helena Elementary School saw a visit from Lord Dunmore as he met “rebels” Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and George Washington. He then stood at the top of the school library stairs and read a proclamation from King George III announcing that the colonists would be taxed.

Fifth graders are studying American colonial history, and dressed up in period clothing so that they could experience living as colonists.

Fifth grade teacher Terilynn Buchanan ran the colonial kitchen.  “We want the kids to have an understanding of what Colonial life might have been. We hope they get a connection, because we’re going to tax them next week. The American Revolution will be coming to St. Helena. We’re going to tax them for their use of pencils and papers, so they can relate to the idea of a tea tax, a stamp tax and a boarding tax for the (English) soldiers. Hopefully, they will have a better understanding of taxation without representation.”

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