Using Slinkys and a microphone, James Holmes had his science class sixth graders show others how to learn about light waves.

Sixth Graders Show Others How To Learn About Light WavesThe second graders at Colgrove Park Elementary School were the students who learned a lot from the older students.  According to Holmes, his students planned the lessons from the basics to the final results.  “I just thought this was a neat way for them to start learning about waves, to have them physically plan a lesson,” Holmes said. “We have some cool activities that demonstrate sound waves, light waves, and more.”

Slinkys were used to show how waves work.  The students invited the second graders to experiment.  They also showed how sound waves work with chimes, and showed the properties of light waves illustrating reflection, diffraction, and refraction.

“It was really nice being the teacher because I’m used to sitting down and listening very carefully,” said sixth grader Zoe Ramsden. “It is just a nice change of pace, and it’s like I am in charge and I get to let out my inner actor.

Holmes came up with the student driven class after attending teacher workshops which forced on how to “get teachers to talk less and have kids talk and interact more.”

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