The Special Education Resident Teaching Program prepares teachers for working in classrooms, giving them valuable experience and training.

Special Education Resident Teaching ProgramThe Grand Forks Public Schools and the University of North Dakota have developed the master’s program where students attend class and teach full time for two years.  The benefits of experience, employment at rural schools in North Dakota and Western Minnesota, a tuition waiver and a stipend all make the program attractive to young professionals as well as starting careers in a supportive environment.

“It’s definitely something you need, this hands-on experience,” said Patrick Anderson, a student in the program. “And you need to learn from people. That’s one thing I love about it.

According to district special education director Tricia Lee, the program is essential.

“Special education is a high turnover field,” she said. “Teachers need to wear a variety of hats, so this program really helps with all aspects of their job.”

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