A team of teachers helped special needs students bring The Great Gatsby to life.

Special Needs Students Bring The Great Gatsby To LifeIt was a red letter day at the Glen H Peters School as the 15 to 26 year old students premiered an adapted play/film of “The Great Gatsby”.  The school is located in Macomb Township and has 320 students ages 3 to 26.

Pam David’s class was one of six who participated in the adaptation. She teaches multiply impaired students ages 18 and 19. She said that seven teachers developed the adaptation because their students were studying the novel.

“With the new Common Core and being that we work with students who are older, from high school to age 26, we felt, and research has shown, it is more appropriate to teach age-appropriate literacy,” David said.

55 students were involved in the production. They delivered their lines using appropriate forms of communication, verbally, via iPad, or an augmented device.

“This is about them and their talents and abilities. It was very important to us that they each had their moment in the video,” David said.

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