Student Lockers May Not Be Necessary for New SchoolsStudent lockers may not be necessary for new schools being constructed, as students are carrying iPads and digital devices instead of the heavy textbooks of years before.

In Horry County, South Carolina, four new middle schools will not have rows of metal lockers lining the hallways.  100 lockers will be strategically placed for special needs or disabled students.

“That’s the direction we’re currently heading in,” said Mark Wolfe, director of facilities. “But we’re talking about only 100 lockers or so, with hooks or something in the classrooms to hang backpacks.”

Because students carry Personalized Digital Learning (PDL) devices, which include digitally formatted textbooks, there are fewer textbooks to carry.  There still are some texts, but not as many.

“The general discussion in the middle schools is that we don’t really need them,” Wolfe said.

The general consesus, according to Wolfe, was that students were getting in the way of a normal school schedule.  Students spend time talking at lockers, and sometimes forget the combinations. School officials are looking into designs for backpacks in the classroom, such as hooks or cubbies.  Most students carry their valuables in their backpacks.

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