An innovative learning project has middle school students solving the bee crisis.  The students tend bee hives, and are researching a serious problem for US agriculture – Colony Collapse Disorder.

Students Solving the Bee CrisisAt Connor Middle School, the sight of students working on the roof may seem unusual, but this is where they are tending bee hives, part of a project based learning assignment.  They are led by Julia Hansel, a seventh grade teacher who is teaching a unit “A Plea for Bees”.

There is a lot of speculation, but no proven scientific cause for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), otherwise defined as “a dead colony with no adult bees or dead bee bodies but with a live queen and usually honey and immature bees still present.”

Hansel introduced the idea to her students by bringing in foods that bees pollinate, approximately one third of what people eat.  Then, students made it their project to design the hives, do the research, and track the progress of the hives which were placed on the roof along with flowers that bees like.

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