A community school group with lackluster performance on Facebook pages has students taking charge of school social media, and suddenly things are happening in cyberspace.

Students Taking Charge of School Social Media“When it started, we had absolutely no idea what was going to happen,” said teacher Erin Parker.  She has taught at La Porte High School for six years.

La Porte Community Schools have more than ten schools in their group.  They were looking to have positive stories within each school become visible.  So Parker developed a new class on social media, and students are now engaged in telling the stories of their schools.

The trimester long class, Public Relations, was meant to only be offered to high school students.  However, once Schools Superintendent Mark Francesconi saw the level of activity and enthuisiasm the students brought to school Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, he asked the class to stretch their wings and cover all 11 schools.

“(The students) walked in and I told them that, and their faces were like ‘Oh goodness, this is bigger than we thought,’” Parker recalled.

The 25 students are paired off into teams covering the different schools. The cover events, and make posts spotlighting occurrences at the schools, or spotlighting teachers or honors that students receive.

“This gives us a chance to say, ‘hey, our schools are unbelievable.’ I’ve learned so much about our schools and have so much respect for these teachers and principals because there is something every single day happening at those schools that is newsworthy,” Parker said.

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