Teachers sometimes take extreme measures to help students, and for one school it resulted in an opportunity to have teachers and students learn together all night long.

Teachers and Students Learn Together All Night LongYes, the teachers pulled an all nighter.

30 students at Eastern Hills Middle School were invited to spend the night learning alongside school teachers and administrators who volunteered to give an extra effort for long, creative lessons.

The students were selected on the basis on their need for reading and math support. After school on a Friday night, they set to work at the III Corps parade grounds on Fort Hood, measuring the perimeter of the paved area in front of headquarters. They figured area and volume of a Humvee bed and a light medium tactical vehicle.  The objective was to figure out how many boxes could fit in a vehicle, so they measured the boxes and the soldiers.

At the school, they worked with parents making cookies based on an altered recipe, figuring out which ingredients were needed to make more or less.  They participated in a scavenger hunt at school as well as doing writing exercises and basketball.

“We want to shore up some areas that need work,” assistant principal Robert Burns said. “We want to see their success rate increase and their confidence rise when they take their tests. We hope that learning in a fun format will spark a higher level of achievement.”

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