The value of a full time math specialist is clear to a school that has improved in math instruction since hiring one.

Value of a Full Time Math SpecialistAt Davis-Thayer Elementary School, principal Evemarie McNeill reported the success to the school committee.

“I’d like to express our sincere thanks for the support from district leadership and the School Committee for allowing us to have a full-time math specialist,” McNeil said. “I assure you that it was an excellent decision and money well-spent.”

Math specialist Jennifer Violet reported on some of the innovations that have been put in place this year. Math mornings, where families are invited to school to find out what children are learning are one innovation.

Another is the use of the school Thanksgiving food drive to reinforce math concepts. “The third grade collected spices, and the kids had to use their rounding ability to make a line plot,” Violet said. “The fifth grade collected canned vegetables, and they had to calculate the cost of groceries in a bag.”

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