Our learning expert Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is sharing secrets to improve writing skills in just minutes a day in a complimentary webinar on Feb 9th at 5 pm Pacific time.

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Are your children struggling with writing assignments? If they are, they are not alone. 73% of eighth graders and 12th graders are NOT proficient in writing. Shocking but true!

Can your children write three of the four types of simple sentences? (They should be doing this by 3rd grade.)

Can they write a five sentence paragraph? (They should be doing this by 3rd grade.)

Can they write a descriptive, narrative, or compare/contrast paragraph? (4th – 12th graders should be doing this.)

Can they write a descriptive, narrative, compare/contrast, argument/persuasive essay? (7th – 12th graders should be doing this.)

Improve Writing Skills Complimentary Webinar

If writing is hard for you, all is not lost! There are specific things you can do to  improve your writing skills.

Tune into the Improve Your Writing Skills with the Magic of 5 Webinar Tuesday Feb. 9th at 5pm Pacific time.

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HowToLearn.com is hosting the Improve Writing Webinar. This webinar is geared to help students of all ages, from 1st grade through high school and beyond. Our expert Bonnie Terry will be sharing a step-by-step process to improve writing skills. Those that register will also receive a BONUS ebook: 7 Steps to Writing Success.

Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET has been teaching kids that struggle with reading, spelling, writing, study skills, and math for over 40 years. She has helped those with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, and learning challenges. She has also worked with those gifted kids that are also challenged with writing. She knows exactly what to do to help improve writing skills! Be sure to tune in to hear what you can do to improve writing skills now!

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