A Skype conference made it possible to have eighth graders connect with peers in Flint.

The project started as just one article on the current events list. It mushroomed into a multi media initiative, creating events that spread.

Eighth Graders Connect With Peers in FlintWhen eighth graders at Kannapolis Middle School held a video conference with a class in Flint, Michigan to discuss the water contamination, they quickly learned the reality faced by their Michigan peers.

“This one was different because as students began to learn about the event and find out and see how this was affecting actual people, people like them, they connected with the issue differently,” eighth-grade language arts teacher Steve Fulton said. “At the end of the week, they were like, ‘Well, are we going to go onto something else and let this go? There are these people that have these problems. We need to do something to help them.’ ”

Some students had heard about the issue of lead leaching into the Flint water supply at home, but most did not really understand the full meaning of the situation until they studied it in social studies.

“I heard about it from my parents,” eighth-grader Nadia Dixon said. “They were talking about it, and I overheard them talking about how they got their water infected and the government didn’t tell them. Then it was article week, and it was on that topic, and I was like, oh, cool, I know a little bit more about it now.”

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