As a child, growing up one has always had their aspirations of being an actor, police officer, photographer, doctor, dancer and so on. However, what they often don’t seem to know is where they want to be educated to become all of these things., today times have changed! Young children are not only speaking of their aspirations, but the place of their desired education. Now the line is “Mommy, Daddy! I want to be an actor and go to G-Star, School of the Arts!” as opposed to “Mommy, Daddy! I just want to be an actor”. G-Star School of the Arts is the hottest preforming Arts school in the nation today, carrying the reputation of being the largest film, animation and acting high school in the country. Young minds all over the nation are taking action in their future as we speak! In order for any child to achieve any desired ambition they need to take the proper steps in order to achieve their desired goal.

Here are three ways for your child to take immediate steps in building their future in filmmaking, animation, or performing arts right in your living room.

Today, children are even more Apple friendly. The mass amount of young-uns with either an iPad or iPhone in their hand has grown expediently. It is important to get involved with your child and motivate them to do the things they love.

A good start would be to go outside and encourage them to appreciate their surroundings by capturing them with whatever device is in hand. Have them admire Mother Nature to its fullest. Point out the different color schemes, variety of textures, numerous shapes, even sounds and smells.

Filming wise, definitely encourage them to film an ant, dragon fly, or any type of insect or animal zoomed in close. To this degree your child can study the various types of movements and behaviors that one wouldn’t normally see with the human eye.

By performing all of these activities your child will not only boost their knowledge about nature, but they’re even one step close to improving their filmmaking and photography skill. The more they study and learn about what is being captured the greater success will follow.

By starting a blog your child has the opportunity to share their captured videos, pictures and or thoughts just in general. This teaches them proper communication skills through the use of writing, in addition to sharing with others how they feel about various topics.

With the given opportunity for your child to be able to post their own work is not only exhilarating, but it can be a major confidence booster. The more confidence they have the more motivation and drive will follow. Children love being praised! With that praise they’ll know exactly which direction to head towards next.

YouTube is a wonderful tool used by many today. Its unique capability to capture videos and stream them all over the internet is entirely beneficial. This can benefit not only filmmaking students, but performing arts, and animation students as well. By having users hear and see what they’re interested in makes all the difference, and entirely increases their chances of success.

By having a blog and or YouTube account it gives users from all over the world an opportunity to view your child’s masterpieces. By capturing the attention from users all over it gives them a greater chance of not only gaining the attention of important eyes, but the self-satisfaction of their work being viewed from users all over the world.


Since social media is such a hot commodity today, I guarantee your child already has an account of some kind, if they don’t then they want it. It is vital for your child to have a social media account of some kind. It’s an excellent way to help get involved as a parent, in addition to maintaining their interest in sharing their talent with the rest of the world.

One of the unique aspects of social media is the fact that it’s so hands on. It is the perfect way to exercise thought, improve typing skill and handle various social medial scenarios.

However, above all your child must learn how to respect the internet. They must learn their limits on what’s acceptable and what’s not to post and their expectations on what you want them to be posting.

Overall, if your child follows these three simple steps: saving their iPhone clips and videos, starting a blog or YouTube account, and getting involved with social media it will immediately be the building blocks to bettering their future in filmmaking, animation, and performing arts.

Greg HauptnerGreg Hauptner is Founder & CEO of G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts located in South Florida.

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