A desire to connect geometry to the real world resulted in kids building a mini golf course with math skills.

Kids Building a Mini Golf Course With Math SkillsAt Centerville Junior High School, parents and members of the community had a chance to play mini-golf on a course that was designed and created by seventh graders.

Teachers Kathy Fields, Hugh Kinnear, Stan Marshall, and Ken LaBarbera collaborated to have their Math 2 classes each design a hole for the golf course. The golf course was inside the school gym. Fields  said that the purpose was to connect geometry to a real world project. 

“In class, we studied angle measure and relationships, perimeter, and area of complex figures. Then, to make it more fun and festive, we decorated them, again the kids got to decide upon the theme,” she said.

“It was an expensive project, but many of the materials are reusable. We are already looking forward to next year, and making notes as to how to make it even better. We hope to secure funding to purchase our own putters,” said Fields.

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