A desire to separate fact from fiction led to having some high school kids create an online voting guide with fact checking.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/At Ransom Everglades in Miami, students launched an online voter guide on February 1, the day of the Iowa caucuses.  The guide cuts through the talking points and presents facts.

“There is so much access to information out there that is immediately at your fingertips that sometimes it’s hard to discern what is reliable,” said teacher Gregory Cooper, leader of the project which included 27 students in AP U.S. government classes. “Someone shares something on Facebook and you click on it, and then all of a sudden you’re convinced Justice Scalia was murdered by Obama,” Cooper said. “There’s so much and it’s constant.”

The voter guide draws information from over 500 sources, including the candidate’s web sites, debate transcripts, Project Vote Smart, and Politifact. Students divided the data into 13 categories, including environment, gun control, and immigration.  Facts are presented in bullet points, with quotes from the candidates.

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