A gathering of young entrepreneurs helped kids learn economics through market day activities.

Kids Learn Economics Through Market Day ActivitiesAt the Museum of Aviation in Houston County, Georgia, students gathered to sell various items, such as stress balls, superhero capes, and even massages for a Market Day event.

Market Day is a long term project for the school district’s third grade classrooms. The actual event was held in the museum’s Century of Flight Hangar.

“I think they are learning how our society works for real,” said Gretna Soltis, social studies director for Houston County.

Teachers participate in the project through a three day training session provided by the Georgia Council on Economic Education. The training shows them how to set up a mini society in the classroom. 

Then teachers returned to their 1,069 Houston County students and set about creating unique classroom countries with elections, country names, and flags. They select the products for Market Day that they will sell, for currency in their own classroom country.

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