A program based on  real life scenarios has kids learning financial lessons and the importance of planning and preparation.

Kids Learning Financial Lessons

57 fifth graders entered the gym at Hagerstown’s Emma K. Doub Elementary School with iPads and online budgeting tools.  They chose an education and career path, with a predetermined income. 

Inside the gym, the students visited booths set up to represent life choices, such as saving money, going to a movie, buying a house, or renting an apartment.
They made choices and gained some financial literacy in the process.

“Right now, we have it easy, being a kid,” said student Aiden Nelson.  “Our parents get us whatever we want. We’re kinda spoiled.” Aiden had a strategy for the activity. “The easiest way to beat this game is to put all of your money in the savings account. … Once you put all of your money in a savings account, you get all that money back times two,” he said. “So pretty much, you’re rich.”

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