To learn about historical roots going back hundreds of years, a Hall of History event helped kids show off knowledge of state history.

Kids Show Off Knowledge of State HistoryNebraska has deep historical roots, but many times people forget those moments and important people. So it was valuable to have Washington Elementary students take adult visitors on a trip through the past as they hosted the Hall of History event in the school.

Students used to complete the Hall of Presidents each year, researching presidents from the past and compiling a board of facts and information.

After fifth graders moved to Johnson Crossing Academic Center, fourth graders took up the project. However they expanded their focus to include local history and events.

“The Hall of History is a fourth-grade project that combines social studies, science, writing, learning about research and giving a presentation,” said Principal Diane Stevens. “So the fourth-graders worked on gathering information about a topic of importance in regard to Nebraska history, and then they prepared a poster about it.”

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